Dear trap range user,

I drained the water from the house, tested and adjusted the thrower at the pond today. The hose had come off of the pump and the pit filled with water. If you had tried to use it and found it full of water, I apologize. If you have taken the Trap Range Orientation and Safety Class, please feel free to use the range if you like. If the ground is soft, please park up by camp B until the campground opens. Once camping season opens, please park by the old club house near the archery range and walk in. If something breaks or is not working, please send a note to me and let the caretaker know so we can get it fixed. I was able to get the new stations poured, before the bad weather last year, so there are level and dry firing positions. This year's project is to get a Kiosk built for range news and also a permanent gun rack will be attached. If there is time and money, I will also be looking into a gravel walkway from behind the archery range to the trap house so we can access it earlier/later in the season. I will send a note for the days I will be working at the range, if you wish to volunteer to help. This won't happen until sometime this summer when the field dries and I can get equipment down to the house without sinking into the ground. The first Trap Range Orientation and Safety class is scheduled for May 9th. If you know of anyone who would like to take the class so they can get the keys to use the range on their own, please ask them to send a note to It's not necessary to register but if I have an idea of how many folks will attend I can be sure to have enough class materials. I will be starting the Sunday fun shoots on May 17th @ 11:00am. The price for birds(if you don't bring your own) remains at $3.00 for a round as long as the ones from last year hold out. I am unsure if I can get them for the same reduced price this year. I am also starting to plan for the annual trophy trap shoot. It will tentatively be on August 9th this year. If you have any suggestions, ideas or wish to help with anything at the range please let me know.
Be safe, have fun and break some clay.

Bob Fousse

Trap range committee chairman