FROM: Michael A. Rickard


Public Relations & Advertising, Membership Recruitment Officer


TO: Dave Knapp,  President



Subject: Year-end Report 2015


Date: January 8, 2016

     This is my ‘TWELTH” year as advertising and public relations officer.  My personal thank you to all concerned.  I could not have done the job without everyone’s support.  We have come a long ways on membership again, even in this tough economy. Every year we lose members for various reasons.  We grew by 123 new members ( a gain of 35 families from 2014) and 1 step ups in 2015; The membership is currently around 900.  We have new families accepted at each general membership meeting as well as at board meetings. THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE.   I would like to thank Shawn Arnett and Jim Moore who maintains and set up our web site, ( or  It has worked well, looks great and, is very informative.  There are new photos posted on a regular basis.  Also thank you to member Howard Owens, owner of the on line Batavian news, he does a great job keeping our name out there for us.


     First of all we off and running in March, as the Chamber of Commerce held our second year the new and improved Home and Out Door Show, We had our exhibit.   We had displays at the local Gun Show which was held at the Ice Arena the end of April. Our open houses were a great success. May and June. With roughly 50 new members joining at those events.    The final display was held at the 4th annual, HUNTING AND FISHING DAYS  which was moved to the third weekend  so as not to conflict with the Show in Munford.   It was held once again at , GODFREYS POND.   We had over 20 vendors and it was a great success.  Plans are underway for our fifth show. GENESSEE COUNTY FISH AND GAME  ASSOCIATION HUNTING & FISHING DAYS   TO BE HELD AGAIN THE 3RD WEEKEND IN SEPTEMBER   A week prior to National Hunting and Fishing Days.  My personal thank you to President Dave Knapp for aligning workers for most of these events.  Thank you to all for helping out.


     We joined the Chamber of Commerce in 2005.   We are still taking advantage of the one- on one advertisement the chamber offers.  As a result of our membership in the chamber, I personally met different chamber members and, as a result several joined the pond. They brought other new members as well.

Our new trifold color pamphlet is at the printers  and should be ready early 2016 .  They will be located in the area restaurants, stores, and businesses in the surrounding communities. Over 60 business establishments participate. These have picked up numerous new members.  With the help of Batavia Sign, all of our signs are updated on a regular basis.  IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE!  Thank you Batavia Sign .   We did have the storefront in the Chamber office for the Christmas Holiday promotion November and December and we will continue to use the free cable information channel 19.  Of course more assistance from WCJW & WBTA radio.  We take advantage of the Radio Auctions on WCJW  Valentines Day,Mothers Day,Fathers Day , Harvest Days and Christmas.  I  made arrangements  with the Board of directors to have Season Passes to Auction off  on the Auction in exchange for same dollar value Radio advertising.  A tru win, win situation for our club


     We did rebuild the base of our entrance sign thanks to master carpenter Craig Gillard , and it looks great .  First impressions of our club is what they see upon entering our grounds, “AKA, THE ENTRANCE SIGN”still hoping to get  New Solar Lighting. Maybe in 2016.  (DONATIONS GRACIOUSLY ACCEPTED)


     I might add that the cleanliness and maintenance of our facilities by our staff have a lot to do with the sale of memberships.  Staff appearance and conduct in helping us escort new prospective families around our facilities has been a great asset.  Our caretaker’s Michael & Lori along with their family did a great job with tours and new member growth.  I know the phone rings constantly for information; the calls have been answered and returned.  My personal, THANK YOU to Michael & Lori.


I want to thank all of you for your help.  It is our club and everyone’s effort is greatly appreciated!  “YOU ARE ADVERTISING”




Michael A. Rickard

Advertising & Public Relations Officer